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Trading Hours:
Stores and Food Court: 9-00 through 22-00
Auchan Hypermarket: 8-30 through 23-00

How to Get to us

Public Parking 8:30 - 23:00



By Foot and by Car
In the TRC "Gagarinsky" is very easily accessible by public transport - we are just two minutes walk from the "Leninsky Prospekt" metro station. We are also easily accessible by car. The exit of the Third Ring Road directly to our shopping center, as well as convenient access to Leninsky Avenue and Avenue 60 years of October provide an opportunity for a short time to get to the "Gagarin" from almost any point of Moscow. A comfortable three-level parking for 2500 cars allows us to take absolutely all the guests arriving by car.


For Fashionmongers
In the TRC Gagarinsky You are waiting for more than 60 fashion stores. Here are the world's leading brands: Marks & Spencer, Kiabi, TOM TAILOR, Mango, Concept Club, Henderson and others. A rich selection of clothing and accessories in the "Gagarin" will allow you to be always in the trend.

Модная одежда

For Mothers and Children
On the second floor atrium features shopping for children and teenagers: Children's World, Cool Club, Beba Kids, Gulliver, Mothercare, DOCHKI-SINOCKI, DOCHKI-SINOCKI, LEGO, ORCHESTRA. And the women, who are still prepared to become mothers, we invite you to visit the Sweet Mama shop.

Детские товары

For Young and Active
Sports equipment, goods for sports and recreation is available in the large two-story hypermarket in Moscow Sportmaster, as well as retail stores Adidas, Reebok, Luhta. Look irresistible and stylish during the outdoor activities you can help youth clothing shops and O'Stin jeans, TBOE, Levi's.

Спортивные товары

For Generous and Tender
You do not know what to give? Shops Valtera, Swarovski, Moskovskij Juvelirnyj Zavod, Bronnickij Juvelir, the Diva, Moscow time offers a wide range of accessories, jewelry and watches. Experienced and attentive consultants will help determine the choice of gift.


For Ladies and Gentlemen
The "Gagarinsky" is very comfortable to walk with the whole family. Ladies undoubtedly will enjoy visiting the shops of cosmetics and perfumery L'Etoile, Yves Rocher, L'Occitane, Lush. There is also the fair half of mankind - BiGooDi shop of professional cosmetics, salons Lena Lenina and VANITY.


Men will certainly be interesting to get acquainted with the latest appliances and computer equipment in specialized stores M.Video, re:Store, Garmin, Samsung, Messenger, Euroset.


For Pleasurists and Gourmands
In the TRC "Gagarinsky" You can not just do a lot of useful purchases, but also to spend leisure time, plunged into the world of fiction.
Visiting Center Extraterrestrial Entertainment LaserLand, opened on the third floor of the "Gagarinsky", you get a unique opportunity to fight on the biggest in Moscow "intergalactic" arena, laser fights in the 720 square meters, to feel like a Secret Service agent, successfully passing the treacherous and intricate laser maze and become the champion of the galaxy, winning one of the eight tracks of the bowling center. For those who want a snack cafe with original dishes and drinks.

If during shopping or laser battles you get hungry, you will eat tasty feed in the popular cafes and restaurants: TGI Fridays, IL Patio, Dunkin 'Donuts, Costa Coffee, Planet Sushi, Baskin-Robbins, Burger King, KFC, Coffee House, Teremok, Pizza Hut, Little-potatoes, Vokker.


For The Smallest
While parents are busy and fashionable selection of bargains, children will not be bored. For younger guests on Saturdays at 14:00 and Sundays at 13:30 provides free children's entertainment program.

Come to the mall "Gagarinsky"! Here you will always find anything you want! Waiting for you!



  Гипермаркет Ашан Магазин Детский мир Магазин одежды Marks & Spencer Центр Внеземных Развлечений LaserLand Магазины одежды для взрослых и детей Gloria Jeans и Gee Jay