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Trading Hours:
Stores and Food Court: 9-00 through 22-00
Auchan Hypermarket: 8-30 through 23-00

How to Get to us

Public Parking 8:30 - 23:00

Lease Application

The new GAGARINSKIY Retail and Entertainment Center is a unique combination of business scale and center location guaranteeing its commercial success.

The GAGARINSKIY REC Key Advantages:

  • 200 000 sq.m. total space
  • 1.5 minute walk from Leninskiy Prospekt Metro Station
  • Drive-ins from the 3rd Transport Ring and Vavilova Street
  • A high spending capacity district
  • No competence within the catchment area
  • Effective people and motor traffic
  • Enduring Point: the largest Auchan in Europe

Lease Office:

(495) 730-07-59


(495) 730-28-57

Auchan Sportmaster
M.Video Detskij mir
Marks & Spencer Mebel Market
1. Full name of the organization:
2. Trade profile:
    Store        Restaurant/Cafe        Entertainment/Services        Offices
3. Product profile (clothes, footwear, accessories, juvenile products, etc.):
4. The trademarks your organization delivers::
5. Existing store information:
Number of existing stores:
In the following TECs:
6. The leased space you are interested in the TEC (sq.m.):
Min max , the practical offer,, including:
sq.m. - trade,
sq.m. - storage,
sq.m. - office.
7. Contact information:
Actual adress
Contact phone numbers
The contact person full name and position


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