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Auchan is the Russian largest hypermarket network. What attracts customers to Auchan is its concept: to sell at the lowest prices a continuously increasing number of high-quality food and nonfood products to an increasing number of buyers, thus increasing consumer purchasing power of Russian customers.

As of August 31, 2010 there were 537 Auchan hypermarkets around the world.
124 hypermarkets in France: 116 "Auchan" hypermarkets, 7 Les Halles d'Auchan hypermarkets, 1 Prixbas par Auchan hypermarkets; 50 Alcampo hypermarkets in Spain; 37 Auchan hypermarkets and 132 RT Mart hypermarkets in China; 16 RT Mart hypermarkets in Taiwan; 31 Jumbo & Pão de Açúcar hypermarkets in Portugal; 52 hypermarkets in Italy; 41 hypermarkets in Russia; 25 hypermarkets in Poland; 12 hypermarkets in Hungary; 8 hypermarkets in Ukraine; 7 hypermarkets in Romania; 1 hypermarket in Luxembourg; 1 hypermarket in Dubai.

Auchan Gagarinskiy Hypermarket

Address: 117312 Moscow, 3, Vavilova street
Phone: 8-800-700-5-800 (free call for clients)


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