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Shop Gipfel presents an incredibly large range of dishes from high-quality alloys from producer Gipfel (Gipfel). Choose from cookware brand Gipfel of aluminum, stainless steel, cast iron, glass and even wood.

Among other kitchen accessories presents pots, pans, casserole, stainless steel bucket. The manufacturer produces a wide range of dishes with non-stick coating and sandwich bottom, made of cast aluminum and cast iron cookware.

We offer a wide variety of fondue sets and a barbecue, juicers, grinders, graters, knives and other cutlery instruments, containers for food, as well as accessories from Gipfel (Gipfel).

Crockery Gipfel perfect for Luba types of cooker - gas, ceramic, induction cookers and electric. Gipfel a quality cookware for induction cookers.

All products from the company Gipfel - an ideal quality and unique design, always meets the highest requirements of the consumers. If you are looking for useful and at the same time an original gift, or you need a reliable and functional tableware, we offer you a high-quality dishes Gipfel, for many years, leading the market, with which it is possible to transform any meal into a true culinary masterpiece! In addition, value for money and quality of the product also has no equal.

Sets of utensils Gipfel, pans, knives, utensils become the undisputed favorites in your kitchen, making the process of cooking quality, simple and pleasant, saving you the trouble. Which preserves the vitamins and nutrients in a product consisting of dishes that you cook in a pot of this brand? First, of course, a high-quality stainless steel, which is never oxidized and does not distort the taste and smell of food. This material has a high strength, durability and resistance to corrosion. Sets of utensils Gipfel easy to operate and does not require special care. In addition, the pan from the famous German manufacturer are ideal for plates of any type, including induction.

Stainless steel saucepan Gipfel have the mark of liters inside the pot and cold handle that allows you to cook safely and comfortably.

Recently, ceramic-coated cookware is gaining popularity. Gipfel keeps pace with the times and equips its ceramic nonstick cookware along with other species.

Another important feature of this unique dishes - sandwich bottom with nonstick coating with heat storage properties, due to which any dish it is possible to cook without adding fat. The thick bottom part of each object in a set of tableware Gipfel prevents burn food while keeping it warm for a long time after the heat treatment. Mirror polished pots and other kitchen items are not for a long period of operation to maintain excellent aesthetic quality kitchen utensils and all the number of their physical properties. Undoubtedly, original and modern design - another absolute advantage of this cookware.

Deciding to update your kitchen arsenal, please contact us. Here you will find a wide range of accessories for your kitchen, because the manufacturer has taken care also of the diversity of its products: tableware Gipfel-quality stainless steel, equipped with temperature sensors, pans, sets of pots, cutlery for high-end appointments, several series of stylish coffee pots and teapots , stainless steel knives, cutting boards made of wood, the vacuum containers, the kits and other spices. The entire list - this is only the main commodity groups, the most popular among our customers. This, in turn, reflects their desire for a decent quality and style at reasonable prices, which, incidentally, will surprise any buyer.


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