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Комфорт в кубе

Store chain's and children's "Komfort v kube."

The idea of ​​creating a network of shops of child and teen clothing on the large area is to provide comfort in the selection, fitting and paying for regular customers. For the convenience of our customers all the stores are divided into zones and developed navigation and fitting area for kids combined with a playground.

Our range of only brand clothes that reflect the fashion trends and monitor the quality of their products. Aston Martin, Catimini, Kenzo, Take Two Teen, Varci, Kinderit, Stillini, Chiao Kids, 3 Pommes, Bimbus, IDO, Brums, LD Classic, mr. Stillini, Nahalenok, Deloras this is not a complete list of our suppliers. As part of the pricing policy we follow the rules: Our regular customers do not have to pay, so they provided the opportunity to acquire high-quality and stylish clothes from Europe with great discounts.

From birth to school prom man leads a very active life, and the challenge of attentive parents to create an image, which allows the child to feel comfortable, beautiful and confident. A walk, a holiday, a kindergarten, a school, a trip to visit the theater, the exhibition and all that, where will visit, will take a chosen style of dress. Our consultants are always happy to advise and pick up for your kids' clothes of a certain style.

Here you can easily and quickly will pick a bright, festive and stylish clothes for all occasions for their children from 0 to 16 years!


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