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Studio manicure Leny Leninoj
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Студия маникюра Лены Лениной


Fashion Nails - the best hobby a real woman

"Life is a woman - a never-ending story of passion" - claimed romantic writer Washington Irving, and we will add that this record is a special chapter - eternal passion, there are hundreds of years ago and have become vital for every woman - makeup and manicure. Visit the salon manicure - a journey into the world of beauty and style

Hand care and decorative cosmetics known long before the appearance of beauty. Indeed, soft skin and manicured nails, effectively highlighted the dignity of the person allow a woman to feel especially charming.

Helps to achieve perfection ladies manicure Network studios Leny Leninoj. Upscale master the latest technologies, modern equipment, nail design fresh ideas - that's what attracts the ladies in the famous salons. It found an interesting form of service - express manicure, a great opportunity to quickly gain the desired appearance of the nails.

Closer to the ideal dream of every woman, but, alas, not everyone has the time to do manicure at the beauty salon, and there is free time - the master is busy. For such cases, a network of studios Lena Lena offers a wonderful opportunity to quickly take care of their pens - manicure in shopping centers. Use the form on-line entry on the website: choose the place for you room, date and time of visits, the desired procedure and manicure! A wide range of style, beauty and elegance - all kinds of manicure

Decorative nail treatment has been known since ancient times (bright manicures were not only women but men and the nobles in ancient Egypt and ancient China), so the presence in the arsenal of modern beauties of various kinds of manicure is understandable - the master retain the best traditional methods of care and offer fresh ideas. These two trends together create amazing opportunities for women: each finds its proper manicure, emphasizing the charm inherent in the very nature of it.

Current trends do not restrict the freedom of choice, since the actual different versions, from the laconic and reserved to the nail short of spectacular and daring nails, from the intricate design variations with aquarium effect, which uses a lot of decorative elements, sensitive to the simple nail varnish with a modest pastel tones.

In the implementation of technology is not too boring uniformity. The interior offers a classic cut, manicure and European, and popular in Japan recently. There are special programs for the care of hands for men or children. Preference is given to a particular technology, depending on the condition of the nails and the customer's wishes.

The most beautiful manicure - not necessarily long nails and figure. Each is truly an elegant woman and an experienced master knows that the perfect manicure begins with a well-groomed skin soft and smooth with a healthy nails, strong, elastic and shiny. Therefore, a network of salons Lena Lena offers a wide range of caring and therapeutic procedures: paraffin, hot manicures, spa, massage, etc.

Excellence of the result in the manicure studios provide professional craftsmen, tools from leading manufacturers, cosmetic best brands Nail Tek, Creative, OPI, Orly. The prices are moderate, and high speed service.

Visit the studio manicure - a visit to a country where every woman is a delightful back!


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