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"Vualya" - Network Express studios for weaving braids

You are going on a date?

Suddenly an appointment and time to run to the hairdresser did not do? Going to a party, but the banal styling is sick?
Meanwhile, effective and truly beautiful hair does not always take much time. The proof of this - a variety of elegant and fashionable braids, which offers rapid studio braids "Vualya."
Braiding braids, especially French, is associated with something long and laborious. First, not every cabin taken for such, in general, a simple haircut. Second, if taken, then throw up their unrealistically high prices. In fact, braiding braids - it is not more than 5 minutes.

So where braid pigtails - beautiful and elegant?

Studio "Vualya" knows a great solution to your problem - we have braided in just a few minutes! Braiding in shopping centers - a new service, but with each passing day it becomes more popular. Braids can be very different, and African traditional, but the most popular technique of French braiding. This involves weaving a tight seal to the head of braids, which allows you to create incredible patterns of the hair.
In addition, the braided plaits - the process of absolute creation, which means your hair will be completely unique and inimitable. It is suitable for parties and romantic dates, and even for major events, for example, for the official reception.
Braids can be elegant epitome of simplicity, but they can also hit the intricate and exquisite lines. Walking through the mall, shopping, check out "Vualya!" Masters of our studio braids will create for you an incredible work of art!


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