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In our centers each will find entertainment for the soul! Spend your free time in the exciting GAME ZONA ! It offers an attentive staff, variety of attractions, a variety of videosimulyatory, devices with the issuance of tickets, cafes, artists, and Methodists.
Children are equipped with playgrounds and multi-level maze with slides, dry pool balls, trampolines, swings and roundabouts. In the area of ​​creative kids can watch cartoons, draw, collect designer, and visit the artistic circles.


You can take away from the world of entertainment GAME ZONA is not only vivid impressions and good spirits, and valuable gifts!
Go to the apparatus with the issuance of tickets and win as many tickets!
In our prizotekahvy can exchange tickets navelosiped, soft toys, toy cars, dolls, souvenirs for fans of the secrets of make fun of your friends and much more.


GAME ZONA regularly holds tournaments on devices and attractions, the most favorite visitors.
By participating in our tournaments, you will plunge into the exciting world of hockey, laser battles, stunning in its glow motor racing, the rapid conquest of the cliffs, sparkling dances.
You can participate on one, couples, groups, teams, classes, schools! In addition to an incredible feeling, you can get a prestigious awards and prizes. Work out and win!
Your good mood - OUR JOB!!

GAME ZONA holds an unforgettable children's events, contests, birthdays, graduation and Christmas celebrations, corporate events interesting, fun promotions and other exciting events.

Tel.: 8-965-413-73-74


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