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OLYMP was established in 1951. The company headquarters is located in Bentheim. Today, OLYMP has 13 official sales representatives in Germany and 25 offices in 17 countries of Europe.
The company credo - man's shirts of the best quality for any occasion. OLYMP was one of the first to mastered manufacture of 100% cotton shirts under the non-iron technology: thanks to the newest technology they do not require ironing and maintain perfect look.
Since 1997, OLYMP-Men has been in the Russian market. The company specializes in the OLYMP shirts, ties and accessories of the known trademarks. The high value and importance of the OLYMP brand are caused by serious work of the German experts in cooperation with the recognized fashion institutes and introduction of technological developments to provide the quality assurance of the OLYMP products and its high standards.

The OLYMP shop concept - 100 shirts for any occasion, 800 ties, accessories for every day and celebrations.

Creating the image of a modern businessman and education of taste.

OLYMP - clothes for real men.

The shop concept assumes continuous availability, depending on the trading area, of 600-800 ties, scarfs, and butterfly ties. The main principle in selection of the Atlas Design, Danial, Pelo, Bernd Hennes tie collections: No peretition of colors and patterns.

Accessories, jersey, and outer clothing.

Tieclips, cuff links (Lindenmann, G.Chabrolle, Taranto), scarfs (Pelo, Monti), wallets, leather products, original care and storage accessories for various products (Stange).
Pelo jersey.
100 % wool, wool and cashmere.

Accompanying goods. Underwear, socks, gloves, caps, suits, trousers, jackets from the best European brands.

shops are well-known among the businessmen, whose dress code requires classical clothes but in line with the modern fashion trends.


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