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Today Sbarro, is the world's largest network of Italian fast food restaurants, which total sales make over 600 million dollars a year. Sbarro may be found everywhere: in trading and business centers, free standing buildings, universities, hospitals, bus stations, railway stations and airports worldwide. The company operates more than 1200 restaurants in 48 states of the USA and 35 foreign countries, including the Great Britain, Canada, Russia, Israel, New Zealand, Australia, Japan, Korea and others.

The Sbarro headquarters is in Melville, New York. There is an administrative centre in Cammack (New York) managing the Sbarro activity worldwide. The company employs over 35 thousand workers. Sbarro is one of the largest employers in the world.

Eastern hospitality is worth the art of an artist and songs of a poet. Abundance of tasty food cooked with dozens of unique spices and seasonings, kindliness and cozy atmosphere - they offer these in the Vostochnyj bazar Middle East cuisine network. As you know, at the bazaar you may find everything of what you have dreamed and raved for so long.

The dishes at the Vostochnyj bazar are nourishing and always unbelievably tasty. The tastiest ever juicy shawarma cooked to the special eastern recipe from the most delicious chicken fillet, crackling cabbage splashed over with lemon juice, fresh cucumbers, tomatoes, carrots and onions. A real vegetable garden or a mix, as we say today. On top, the shawarma is filled with juicy garlic sauce and firm yellow sauce Ambah combining aromas of the best eastern spices: curry, curcuma, coriander and many other things. All this yummy is wrapped into a just baked flat cake - tortilla.

The restaurant visitors love real eastern pilaf, an ocean sea of salads, soups, shish kebab skewers - meat fillet with slices zucchini, tomato, pepper and onion. The shish kebab is cooked over the outdoor grill, on open fire; therefore it is so tasty, with a smell of smoke and unique taste of eastern seasonings. And, sure, a round soft flat cake - pitta, which recipe is kept by the Middle East, famous for its culinary traditions.

The Vostochnyj bazar interior is picturesque and modern. It attracts the food-court visitors by its burning eastern temper. Vostochnyj bazar may justly be called a successful restaurant concept combining home Middle East food with the friendly atmosphere and affordable prices.

In 2005, Vostochnyj bazar won the Golden Networks contest in the Fast-food Restaurants category.

Eastern cuisine is a high art which few cooks may master, but in Vostochnyj bazar, fortunately, people, who love their trade, work. Therefore, in these restaurants, the food is always very tasty and the atmosphere is so friendly, as it must be in the East.


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