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Dunkin' Donuts


Dunkin 'Donuts - the world's largest chain of coffee houses, which is always ready to offer its guests:
  • high-quality coffee from 100% Arabica beans, hot and cold drinks on its basis;
  • chocolate drinks, delicious and refreshing Kulattu® with different flavors;
  • freshest pastries: unforgettable and world famous Donata Dunkin 'Donuts, Manchkiny®, muffins;
  • Snacks: bagels, sandwiches, roll, sandwich, ciabatta, and much more!
Dunkin 'Donuts chain - is:
  • more than 11 300 stores in 36 countries;
  • more than 5 million visitors per day;
  • more than 1.8 billion cups of coffee per year;
  • more than 70 varieties of donuts;
  • more than 15 000 species of coffee, espresso and drinks based on them;
  • more than 30 kinds of snacks, salads, sandwiches;
  • and this is not the limit: annual Dunkin 'Donuts is developing and implementing new types of products.
Dunkin 'Donuts - is a constant sample of the high quality products and fast service, friendly atmosphere and hospitality. Dunkin 'Donuts - is a modern, bright and stylish design; a favorite meeting place for young people and for the whole family.

History of Dunkin 'Donuts began in 1950, when Bill Rosenberg opened the first store in Queens, Massachusetts. In 1955, a license was the company's first franchisee.

In 2015, the company Dunkin 'Donuts celebrated its anniversary - the 65th anniversary of the brand.
We are particularly pleased to note that Russia has become the 33 countries in the international market, where coffee shops Dunkin 'Donuts opened its doors to visitors. The first Russian coffee Dunkin 'Donuts began to open in Moscow in May 2010.

Team Dunkin 'Donuts in Russia has chosen and multiply best that has been accumulated over the 66-year history of the brand. Our company is set up on the longstanding successful work, and we are ready to surprise our guests from Russia, CIS countries and the world.

We invite you to visit our stores and we will try to do everything possible so that you become a member of a large family Dunkin 'Donuts, and you would come back to us again and again.

Dunkin 'Donuts - is always fashionable!