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30 years ago in the heart of industry in the city of Trevizo (near Venice) GLENFIELD was born. Since then, great experience of the GLENFIELD "Made in Italy" knitted fabric has won the entire Europe.

GLENFIELD is not just clothes but philosophy of clothes, which attracts and inspires people in large cities and small towns. We offer the best from the achievement of high technologies in clothes making today.

When GLENFIELD appeared first, its image in the collections and in the name reminded of the old English style. This "new-country" trend perfectly combining utility and comfort of knitted things with elegance of furnish and excellent design of form and color. The GLENFIELD collections marry simplicity and glamour, absence of taste and style, modern and classic. This allows to offer modern women and men natural and elegant clothes to wear. The monobrand store project allowed to open over 240 GLENFIELD stores in the Europe. The cozy and warm atmosphere makes the client feel like buying. The assortment offers plain and elegant Italian style knitted fabric of the high quality.

In Russia, GLENFIELD appeared in 1994. Today, it is a network of shops in Moscow and in St.-Petersburg, Vladivostok, Yakutsk, Irkutsk, Magadan, Astrakhan and other cities of Russia.

The perfect quality, regularly updated assortment, excellent show-windows, cozy shops, attentive service - all these may be labeled "the GLENFIELD success formula".



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