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In the middle of the 20th century, the Berton's ice-cream cafe owner in Glendale, California, founded a joint company with its cousin, the owner of a competing cafe - Snowbirds. These two provincial frozen desserts cafes have put a modest basis for the world-wide-known empire of ice-cream - Baskin-Robbins.

Baskin-Robbins has experienced a long way from its 31 sort initial concept to the 750 taste sensations. Each day, 1.5 million people enjoy our ice-cream in 4600 outlets in 52 countries of the world, including Japan, Korea, the Great Britain, and Russia.

In the end of 80s, the company arrived to the Russian market, and in May 1996, in Moscow the most advanced ice-cream and the largest in Europe factory was opened.

The Baskin-Robbins assortment and quality is famous all over the whole world, our reputation as the world leader in the market of frozen desserts is based on our long-term search, sequence in choosing components and on our obligations under the offer of the best product to our visitors!
Baskin-Robbins means excellent mood, a holiday for children and grownups!



The SUBWAY® network history comprising over 31000 outlets in 91 countries of the world is closely connected with Fred de Luca, the founder and president of SUBWAY®. 17-year old de Luca opened its first sandwich stand in 1965. That summer of 1965, Fred was extremely concerned about his future. He could hardly afford further education in college. Part time worker at the equipment warehouse, Fred understood that in this way he would never make enough to pay for the study in college.

One fatal Sunday in July 1965 gave birth to the partnership which up-ended the fast food industry. Fred de Luca told an old friend of its family doctor Peter Buck that he wished to become a doctor and was in bad need for money. Peter Buck advised Fred to open a sandwich stand. After some discussions, they decided to start this business together. Peter presented the young man with a $1000 cheque - its investment into the new enterprise. Their first business was opened in Bridgeport, Connecticut. They named the stand Pet's Super Submarines, since their sandwich reminded of a submarine. Some years later, the name was changed into Subway Sandwiches and Salads because when people heard the initial name they thought that they would be offered pizza.

Already by the end of 1974, the partners had twice as many restaurants than they had planned when the business started. Those days, the franchising idea was popular in the business-environment, therefore the partners decided to apply it to the sandwiches business. 1987 witnessed ceremonial opening of the 1000th SUBWAY® restaurant.

Today, SUBWAY® is one of the most dynamically developing fast food networks. Annually, another 1000 new restaurant arte opened. Besides, in 2008, Subway was recognized the best franchising system for the fifteenth time (according to Entrepreneur's Magazine).

Today, SUBWAY® means 30 000 restaurants in 87 countries. Subway is the fast food leader; the SUBWAY®y sandwiches are a healthy alternative to a fatty food made of semi-fabricated products. The Subway global mission is to be the world's number one in servicing the clients and developing restaurant network all over the world.


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