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Everyone sees France in its own way. How Jacques Nataf, the founder of Sinequanone, sees it you may learn upon visiting one of the firm French boutiques. In 1972, creating its first Sinequanone collection, Jacques Nataf could hardly imagine that the mark will become so popular, that, by 2006, the company will open over 200 boutiques worldwide. However, the popularity did not come at once, but only in 1996. That is why this year is near a jubilee for Sinequanone.

Sinequanone - clothes for office parties: classy blouses, strict skirts, classical trousers, free jumpers, tight jackets, high waistline tops. Sinequanone is the clothes far from being boring, as it may seem at the first glance. If you go more into the boutique you may pay attention at the New Year dresses with very low décolleté, loud in the French way, at the shoffin scarfs of seductive colors. You may choose yourself a silk skirt... In general the entire glamour of the Sinequanone boutiques assumes that a woman does not walk - a Sinequanone woman has a personal chauffeur, at least. Here she comes to the boutique, buys, without a try, some suits (because she knows for sure that all Sinequanone things will fit ideally), and pays with a card, as a matter of course. She does not bring the packages to the car, certainly. So is the conceptually feminized trade mark - Sinequanone.


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