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To live a full life and take every chance is the philosophy of a modern and successful man. Riglacompany knows that the healthy people are more likely to achieve success in life. Our pharmacies are multi-purpose health and beauty centers which employ a European level system. Here one will find everything to feel good and look attractive and, therefore, be confident and successful.

Don't waste your time on diseases, just smile at people, go in for sports, take proud in yourself, travel and advance confidently towards your goal. Our pharmacy chain offers the latest advances in modern medicine and beauty industry for you to feel a million dollars. Riglais always associated with a team of professionals, advanced technology in pharmacy business, a wide range of products, only top-quality products and affordable prices. We offer a wide choice of medicines from aspirin to some rare ones, baby food and home medical equipment. Our experienced sales assistant will advise you on skin care products and personal hygiene products.

Riglapharmacies are always close to you. Our pharmacies are organized on a pharm market basis, which means that the products are hand-accessible for you to shop easy. Riglais continuously expanding its range of services: there appearing optical departments where one can test eyesight and order glasses and "Healthy Skin Centers" where experts can diagnose your skin and hair condition free of charge. There is also a discount system and special offers.

We believe that everyone deserves to be healthy and successful. Our aim is to help you not to miss a single pleasant moment in your life and feel how diverse and interesting life is. Just a pharmacy? No, it's something more.

Phone: (495) 231-16-97 ext 13-27

understand engineering ideas embodied in items we sell.


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