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Mr. Sumkin

Our company specializes in sales of high-quality notions. Working in the Russian market since 1993, we have won the reputation of a reliable, stable organization and we use enjoy the deserved respect among our clients and partners.

The Мr.Sumkin mission: "Offer of comfortable, quality luggage and leather notions in the middle price segment and granting high quality service in conveniently located shops, including considering the wishes of our clients and ideas of our team."
Our company entered the market in 1993, representing its products in the Moscow department stores and in the network of own shops. Since then, we have managed to have both feet firmly on the ground and to occupy our niche in the Russian market of leather notions. We have managed to create a highly professional team of experts and to build close cooperation with the best manufacturers of dry goods in Russian and abroad.
Thanks to the professional personnel and marketing policy and skilled management, our company has successfully managed to face the 1998 crisis. During the crisis and after it, we have never addressed any of the partners asking for re-structurization of our obligations - financial and contractual.
Our company stability and reliability are caused by the following:
  • Thanks to the to a long-term experience in the market of the leather notions and long-term relations with our partners in all areas, we were able to adjust all stages of the store activity organization: legal lease relations, trade equipment for the beginning of work, the client, lessors and supervising bodies interaction system, guarantee and postguarantee service.
  • Thanks to the effective marketing policy and availability of a lot of suppliers and long-term experience in cooperation with them, we were able to choose and present in the shops the most interesting designs from the collections of leading manufacturers of dry goods, and to buy from them the products with maximal discounts, what, in turn, allows us to carry out flexible price policy favorable to our clients, for all our assortment.
  • Thanks to the minimal defect ratio in the presented products (due to the close interaction with our suppliers and the multistage quality assurance system) and the availability of the firm guarantee service center, we were able to win the trust and loyalty of our buyers.
  • Thanks to the high level of service and the flexible approach to the guarantee and postguarantee service (as a rule, we do not refuse to repair even if the buyer has no cash voucher and guarantee coupon, and also after the expiration of the warranty period), the guarantee service center has won respect and trust of its visitors.
  • Thanks to the competent head hunting policy, high motivation of the employees and unity of the team, we were able to create a strong effective team, what means - to make our company a stable and reliable partner.
  • Thanks to the high level of technical, financial and information maintenance of the employees, all projects are implemented as effectively and reliably as possible.
  • Thanks to the professionalism of our team, we successfully speeded up our Internet activity: we created the Company web-site, which represents the most complete information on the Company. We run a forum which helps to adjust fast and direct communication between the clients, management, employees and partners of the Company.
  • Thanks to our stable interactions with the leading suppliers and to the harmonious contacts with the reliable partners, and thanks to our permanent client base, we try to conquer the new markets and to jump to the next higher level.
  • Thanks to the unity and friendliness of the Company team, we are engaged charity - today, we are the official caregiver of the Moscow Zoo animals.
Our Company plans to further develop its store network in Moscow. Possible key directions of our activity will include:
  • To expand the product line.
  • To improve qualification of our workers through special programs and trainings in the quality of work of assistants; system of premiums for the assistants who meet the high level requirements to the service and professionalism.
  • To arrange training of the company management as the МВА for optimization of work of the company and improvement of the quality of their work.
  • To enhance efficiency of functioning of the worker quality assurance department, warning unfair work and promptly responding to the complaints and wishes of the buyers.
  • To extend the guarantee periods.
  • To further develop the Internet-shop: expansion of the product mix and the most detailed description of each production unit.
  • To expand information of the consumers on the company activity in the mass media.


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