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The Alef stores

"Alef" specializes in items made of natural fur. It is one of the largest companies on Russian market that manufactures and sells women's and men's clothing made from sheepskin.

Our factory is located in the South of Russia in a picturesque resort of Caucasian Mineral Waters.

One of our priority activities is manufacture of refined sheepskin (mutton). We use only premium quality materials from the USA, Australia, Norway, Finland and Denmark.

In our workshops, equipped with modern equipment, we manufacture over 300 items.

In order to provide high quality we use modern, environmentally safe chemicals, unique technologies and American's "Lovenstin" company "know-how". This company is one of the world's leaders in fur manufacturing and fur dyeing and has been successfully operating for over a century. Thanks to modern technologies and cooperation between the two companies, we manufacture beautiful items of different colors (more than 100 colors and shades).

On top of all, our items have remarkable cold-resisting properties.

Our fashion artists and designers are continuously looking for new ideas for our items to be fashionable and competitive. New collections, a wide choice of items and high quality are our distinguishing features. Now our design department is developing a collection of refined sheepskin of multicolor dyeing and of different clip levels and with various types of fabrics. More detailed technical aspects of manufacture are kept in secret.

"Alef" trademark has become well-known and gained a good reputation in Russia thanks to the company's fruitful and successful work for over 20 years. Our items got numerous awards and diplomas at various exhibitions.

Having bought from us once many people become our regular customers.

We sincerely hope that the affordable prices, combined with style and comfort will catch your eye!

Call center: 8(495) 967-67-67


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