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RALF RINGER - comfortable genuine leather shoes for the whole family!

Priority RALF RINGER - create a truly convenient and reliable footwear. That is why each of our model is made taking into account the climatic conditions of Russia and the Russian peculiarities of the foot.

In stores RALF RINGER you will find the right fit for any occasion: a business meeting or a school, going out with friends or a romantic date, family outing or vacation in nature. Stylish design models will be an excellent complement image, and natural materials, high performance and comfortable shoes provide comfort feet throughout the day!

Creating shoes, we rely on innovation and experience (as we have it great!). For 20 years, we manufacture shoes on its own factories located in Russia (Moscow, Vladimir, Zaraysk). Production capacity of RALF RINGER equipped with the most modern technological equipment. Among the company's many awards: «BEST RUSSIAN BRANDS», «Superbrand", "Russian Quality" and "gold" of the contest "Brand of the Year / EFFIE».

We invite you to visit our stores and be sure to find it "their" couple!