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Calzedonia was founded in 1987 in the suburbs of Verona, in order to create a fundamentally new way of selling pantyhose and swimsuits for women, men and children through a franchise network. Twenty years later, Calzedonia stores network includes 1,750 stores around the world: in Italy, Austria, Cyprus, Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Hungary, Mexico, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Serbia, Slovenia, Spain, Turkey, France, Macedonia, Montenegro, England, Slovenia, Romania, Germany and Belgium.

Calzedonia's success - is the result of many factors: the huge range of products, attention to trends, the perfect combination of price and quality. These criteria - that allows Calzedonia to please the most demanding customers. Today employs approximately 26,000 people worldwide in the Calzedonia Group, of which 3000 in Italy. Calzedonia operates on a vertical structure: the creative process, production and distribution of each product (either directly or through subsidiaries). All sales are coordinated through mono-brand stores directly, franchise - distributors. The laundry sector has been focused on small audience, while the market does not have a unique company that successfully started selling the product a wide audience of all ages.

The results show dynamic growth and internationalization of the company. The key to success in Italy and around the world - it is a combination of competitive prices and quality. The company pays special attention to style and design, fabrics and colors, to create collections in accordance with the trends and tastes of consumers. The concept of distribution of the three trends - this is the second key to success. Mobile and modern franchise network takes care of the appearance of the store and takes competent strategic position in the most important cities. President Sandro Veronesi Calzedonia Group has developed this concept in 1987, when he founded the Calzedonia, before the advent of underwear brand Intimissimi and Tezenis. Calzedonia Group is also investing heavily in advertising and choose the best photographers and top models. Gisele Byudhen (for Calzedonia) and Irina Shayk (for Intimissimi) - a model that helped brands to establish themselves in the world of fashion. To date, the number of stores close to 3,500 in 30 different countries.

Passion, sacrifice, love and devotion to each project: these are the values ​​that stand behind the success of Calzedonia. "In life, as in the work, we must be actors, not spectators," - says the company's president Sandro Veronesi.


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