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The Reebok trade mark is one of the world leaders in manufacture of sportswear and footwear. The designs will fit professional sportsmen and just lovers of active way of life and sports.

The company history started at the end of the 19 century from the invention of Joseph William Foster. In 1895 he made the first running shoes with spikes in the world: he fitted the soles with some nails. Later, he created J.W. FOSTER and SONS, which was famous for excellent make and high quality of the footwear.

In 1958, Foster's grandsons established a new company named Reebok. The grandsons' - Josef and Jeff Fosters' - company inherited the traditions and skills of the older company. As a result, the trade mark quickly won love of the customers and to this day it is famous for its excellent reputation.

In Russia, Reebok appeared only in 1991; however, practically at once the stores became popular and have preserved it till today.

The brand collections differ are distinguished by comfort, fitness and utility. The revolutionary technologies applied during production considerably raise the quality of clothes and footwear, and ensure advantages before other sports companies.

For example: Teflon provides maximal water resistance, protects from rain, dirt, wind, facilitates care of the products; Tinosan prevents development of bacteria and fungi that cause occurrence of unpleasant smells; and Anti UV provides protection against ultra-violet radiation. These are only a few of the existing technologies.


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