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The Camaieu Store

The company Camaieu - is a French brand for today's dynamic metropolis women, numbering at present more than 1,000 stores, is the largest seller of women's clothing prêt-a-porter.

The philosophy of the brand is to offer every modern woman fashion, simple, uncluttered for all occasions.

Network name Camaieu selected ulterior motive: it displays a wide range of colors used and the mixing of the concepts of clothing.

Our fashion is designed for every day, urgent, in the spirit of the times, fun, affordable and high quality, which is very good feels modern woman.

Our mission - is to take care of our shoppers. This is the key to our success. Camaieu builds its relations with the shopper on a long term basis. We always meet her, encourage her and listen to her.
Camaieu offers every shopper affordable, feminine and constantly updated fashion, which is very easy to go through life.

Our values ​​- it is a community of interests, trust, simplicity, openness, and the joy of victory, the joy of work and pride in the result.

Spring-Summer 2013 Camaieu greets you with bright shades of "acid" pastel shades to the color of Pepsi, which reflect the most current trends this spring! In stores Camaieu you will find a variety of fashionable destinations such as Boho Romance, Sugar Baby, Fresh Garden, Ethno-style and many others.

Released light new Spring-Summer 2013 will give you not only with its colors, but also the variety of choices. Each style can be traced spring motifs and original collection of prints, stylish decoration patterns lace, leather and metal parts, which no doubt will appeal to many women of fashion!


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