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Модное рукоделие & HOBBY STYLE

At all times a woman engaged in handicraft embodied womanhood, warmth and creativity. Handicraft dates back to ancient times and people all over the world are engaged in it. In museums of different countries one can see the first sheep clippers, large combs used to comb wool, spindles, spinning wheels, knitting needles and crocket hooks made of wood, bones, and metal.

Thanks to new materials and new technologies many types of handicraft reemerged and "took a new breath" only in our times.

The first retail handicraft chain opened in 1997. Today handicraft shops are situated in all large Moscow shopping and leisure centers such as "EVROPEISKY", "MEGA - Teply Stan", "MEGA - Himki," "KALUZHSKY", "GLOBAL CITY", "RAMSTORE" "AUCHAN", "TROIKA", "Vegas",etc.

We offer a wide choice of items for handicraft and hobbies which do not require special skills. Each buyer can find here items for embroidery, knitting, art, decorating, bead weaving, paper crafts, sewing thread, fancy pendants, fabrics for patchwork and decoration, ribbons and lace, accessories and books for those in search of new ideas.

The range of products includes handicraft products of such leading brands as DMC (France), DIMENSIONS (USA), Lanarte (Netherlands), Thea Gouverneur (Netherlands), Gutermann (Germany), Heritage Stitchcraft (England) Janlynn (USA), Derwentwater Designs (England), Vervaco (Belgium), Ricco design (Germany), Zweigart & Sawitzki GmbH & Co. (Germany), Collection D * art (Greece), Klass & Gessmann (Germany), Clover (Japan) , Olfa (Japan), Fabri Quilt (USA), Framecraft (England), Magic art (Taiwan), Peper art (Thailand), Swarovski (Austria) as well as products manufactured by a Russian RTO LTD company.

Find something you are keen on and see that the world around you will become more diverse!


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