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Noodle Shop "WOKIYA"

Noodles is an indispensable ingredient in many Chinese dishes. There are many types of noodles, depending on the place of production, the ingredients and method of preparation forms. China or adapted from the "Chinese" noodles, is also found in the kitchens of other East Asian peoples Korean, Japanese, Vietnamese, Filipino, Thai. The oldest in the world of noodles - Chinese, dating to the second millennium BC. e.
Currently, noodles remains one of the few dishes, which consists of only natural ingredients and therefore it is an environmentally friendly product.
It can be supplied as a simple and dietary dishes, suitable for feeding children, and people of all ages, and a very complex, rich hearty, filled with different flavors by adding ingredients: seafood, meat, poultry, vegetables , a variety of sauces. What will suit the preferences of any individual.

"WOKIYA" invites you to taste the noodles and Chinese dishes prepared in a unique pan WOK and served in the famous boxes!
  • Meals can be simple in composition, dietary corresponding optional limited-powered clients (children and people of all ages);
  • Dishes on the composition of his can be absolutely diverse (with the addition of a variety of products, condiments and sauces);
  • The cooking process is very fast, which preserves vitamins and useful properties of the products;
  • Cooking food - it is also a "spectacle": All rapid quenching processes, roasting, add the ingredients, sauces made in the pan "WOK" in front of the customer.
  • and other interesting and delicious dishes are also included in our menu.
In Lapsze "WOKIYA", we have collected all the best and eliminated the shortcomings menu!


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