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Trading Hours:
Stores and Food Court: 9-00 through 22-00
Auchan Hypermarket: 8-30 through 23-00

How to Get to us

Public Parking 8:30 - 23:00


1 level
+7 (495) 954-24-27


Commercial Bank ORGBANK LLC IBA is one of the oldest Russian banks:
On August 22, 2015 is the bank 25th year anniversary.

The head office is located in a 10-storey building at the premises of Sergo Ordzhonikidze Machine and Tool Plant next to the central entrance (within a 5-minute walk from the Gagarinskiy TEC) Contacts:

Address: 11, Ordzhonikidze Street, building 44
Phone: (495) 234-47-74


We welcome all clients!
Mode of operation of additional office "Gagarinsky": 09.30 - 21.00 (daily)
Services rendering by ORGBANK Interbank Association Commercial Bank:


    Cash management and payment services for legal entities
    (495) 231-48-89
    "Client-Bank" system
    (495) 231-19-48
    (495) 737-81-71
    Mortgage loans
    (495) 231-48-90
    Sale of investment and commemorative coins made from precious metals
    (495) 231-48-89
    Settlement and cash services for legal entities
    (495) 231-19-48
    Services payment
    (495) 737-81-71
    Money transfers in Russia and abroad
    (495) 231-48-89
    Purchase and sale of securities
    (495) 730-30-53
    Online trading
    (495) 730-30-50
    Leasing of bank safes and cells
    (495) 730-30-52

Commercial Bank "Interbank Association" Orgbank "(Limited Liability Company) - one of the oldest banks in Russia, founded in 1990, the license of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation № 3312. Orgbank stood at the origins of the individual segments of the financial market in the country, has made a significant contribution to their formation and development; it took an active part in the improvement of the financial instruments, the introduction of common standards for the banking system and to the development of technologies operating in the Russian banking business. Currently Orgbank is an universal financial institution providing a full range of both traditional and modern innovative banking services; it offers broad opportunities for the customers by the management of their own funds.

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