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The Pola Bags

Ladies' bags and accessories from Pola are the result of long work of many professionals, whose principal desire is to enlarge the stock of any woman of fashion with the most whimsical taste. In our collections, we present bags from natural and artificial qualitative materials. Closely studying the fashion trends, we always go one step ahead and we prefer to be the legislator, instead of the follower, in the movement to perfection of style and beauty. Brave compositions of colors and non-standard solutions allow Pola to be individual. We do not repeat our collections, and this reduces the possibility that some one except you purchases a similar bag to minimum.

Russia is a country with a changeful climate. The beautiful autumn, the snow-white winter, the spring full of freshness and blossom, and the warm summer. Every season changes the mood and entices away with the desire to change. Affordable prices will allow to create your own collection from Pola for each season and matching any fashion. Sometimes, it is difficult to spend big sum of money for a bag of natural leather of an unusual color, but these are the color and the design that you need to complete the stylistic image. We solved this problem through using high quality artificial leather, which properties hardly differ from the natural leather. We apply expensive finishing accessories for all collections without exception. For the natural leather collections, we use quality Italian leather not only on the front parts, but also on the internal furnish of the bags. We sell ladies' bags in wholesale and retail.

However, not only the ladies' line is presented in our product mix. For men, we offer various portfolios and purses, manbags and business card holders. Sometimes, it is more difficult to please men than women, and we are aware of it. The classic portfolio will supplement any suit and emphasize your status, and the business card or key holder will be the zing. For the fans of the free style - as a rule, the people who prefer universality in everything - we have something to offer, too. Popularity is a synonym of quality. Therefore, for the manufacture of our goods, using all advanced fashion approaches, we do not save on quality. We welcome everyone who has chosen our products and hope that they will be appreciated.


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