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Back to basics
        "You have to become a man, before you can be a gentleman"
John Wayne

Echoing the classic British literature 50-ies of the last century, KANZLER brand designers in the development of the collection Autumn-Winter 2016/17 refer to the theme of "angry young man".
The habit to dress stylishly does honor to any man. In the new season we have inspired people who are important to how they look, regardless of fashion trends that make changes now. Those who act and does not expect - a man with a clear and natural male interests. Creators and builders, those who wins a thousand little daily battles and dozens of major.
The basis of the collection went to the return to the origins of the idea of ​​the style, cut and tailoring traditions. Back on the scene perfect silhouettes, emphasizing masculinity, quality fabrics, creating a feeling of comfort and security.
For you, we have tried to create the quintessence of the best that has been done for centuries sewing skill, high-tech industry and advanced textile design. We cut off the excess by excellence for your wardrobe.
BLACK LABEL line inspired by the Manchester style British gangster of the last century: dangerous impeccable three-piece suits, daring combination of classic knits and ornamental shirts, sweaters with ornaments Fair Isle and Glen Check, accent parts and accessories items.
In the new season we have created a collection that combines the unity of strength, confidence and apparent simplicity. It simultaneously read and reckless fury, and confidence, and the desire for peace.
That is why the key color collection was blue and its derivatives. After all, the blue - this color constancy, stability and a bright sky overhead. Along with him in the collection contains the main natural tones, typical of autumn: the color of the earth - from the color of the pottery clay to bronze ocher - shades of rotting grass and lush meadows.

WEEKEND line filled with insolence: elements of fan-style raid military style of different eras, traditional style turtlenecks Jobs rebels and Warhol, dimensionless Hemingway sweaters, woolen blazers, plaid, involving multi-layered image - a real eclectic haven for the modern dandy.
By creating a unity of opposites, with subdued tones in the collection there are accents and focal point of eggplant and rich red tones, which help to keep the image of the bright colors of summer, fill it with confidence and passion.
All of this - the new collection of casual wear for modern men who care about the opinions of others, but their own is much more important.

KANZLER, your personal style expert.