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Concept Club is a clothes retail network united by uniform firm style and uniform standards of firm service, advertising and product policy.

The history

The Сoncept Сlub network of youth clothes stores for girls was established in 2005 in St.-Petersburg by Russian and Swedish businessmen. In the beginning of 2006, a franchising program that allowed the network to develop rapidly was launched.

By the end of 2008, the network has 10 shops in St.-Petersburg and 11 in Moscow, and over 60 franchising shops in 47 regions of Russia. Customers may to buy the Concept Club popular clothes, lingerie and accessories in the most of the regional centers of the country. The network development concept assumes opening new shops in St.-Petersburg and Moscow, expansion of franchising networks in the cities of presence and opening the first partner shops in the cities with population over 150 thousand people. In 2009, we plan to open over 40 new shops of the network.

Assortment of the Concept Club fashion youth ladies' wear.

The Concept Club assortment comes from three commodity groups:

    1. Fashionable youth ladies' wear - from the knitted tops to the warm coats and down coats
    2. The Infinity Lingerie collection - control garments for every day
    3. The Concept Club accessories - scarfs, gloves, headdresses, bags, belts, fashion jewelry, and glasses.

Concept Club is vertically integrated and performs a finished cycle of manufacture: from creation of model design and study of technology to placing the manufacture order. The Concept Club employees, technologists and quality controllers trace the manufacture process from the product launch to the finished goods.


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