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Linzmaster appeared in the Russian market in 1998. First it had only one optical store located in Nikolskaya Street in Moscow. Linzmaster was the first to render a full range of services including eye examination, selection of frames and lenses for glasses, manufacture of glasses, sunglasses and contact lenses. The concept of "Get glasses in an hour" immediately made Linzmaster popular.

We are a rapidly growing company with more and more Linzmaster optical stores appearing in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Nizhny Novgorod. There optical stores in Kazan, Ekaterinburg, Novosibirsk, Yaroslavl, Rostov-on-Do and Samara. A wide range of items and reasonable pricing strategies make our items affordable for people from of social classes, from pensioners to businessmen and celebrities.

Today people who need vision correction often have to choose between glasses and contact lenses. Each of these optical devices has both advantages and disadvantages. Glasses help people with poor eyesight and have become for many people an accessory creating their image. Designers of frames by using new materials and technologies have achieved such perfection that people often look much more attractive when wearing glasses.

However, contact lenses are becoming more and more popular. Being easy and comfortable to use, contact lenses do people's life more diverse. Contact lenses have made it possible for those keen on sports, fitness, traveling or living in severe climatic conditions to wear contact lenses instead of glasses. Lenses allow one to change image by changing eye color and don't wear glasses at parties or when dating somebody. Contact lenses open new horizons in life and even the most loyal supporters of glasses should try wearing contact lenses.

At our optical stores you can get your eyes checked without any previous appointment. Our eye specialist will help you to choose both glasses and contact lenses affordable for you and that suit you and your lifestyle. And it's up to you to choose between glasses and lenses or use both. You can buy lenses you will have to change every day or those you can wear for a month without changing. You can also have transparent contact lenses or combine contact lenses correction with changing your eye color.

You can buy contact lenses at Linzmaster stores or online and get discount or bonuses. You can also consult an eye specialist online!

Phone: (495) 730-07-49


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